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- General Items -

Carrejoue game cards on this website, are free to play. Participants must establish an account to play. See our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Create an account.

Only one game card per account per game is generally allowed. From time to time through promotions, taking advertiser surveys or winning them in other Carrejoue free games additional game cards may be obtained.

Additional game cards are allowed to be used with any free game from this website provided the participant qualifies to enter the game the day the additional game card is obtained.

Sometimes a game is limited to Event ticketholders, see Group Rules for more details. Ticketholders can find their game cards online or in our app. Download the App Now

Our system holds, updates and maintains game cards with no further action. You do not have to watch the Event or have the game card open during the Event to win. You can see if your game card won by visiting your account on our website after the conclusion of the attached Event. The validation code may be necessary to download coupons and redemption certificates.

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- Selecting a Sporting Event -

ONLINE several paths will lead to this starting point.

In some cases game lists will have already validated your location and in some cases it will not. Your device must allow our website access to your location. It may be no Groups are available in your area. Depending on what view you have available, it will be headed by either games, teams, locations, event categories or dates. Find the button "Enter Game" to obtain a game card.

It may be possible you can enter more than one game. Groups exist for a few reasons. The most common scenario is if you obatin a game card inside a stadium where you are attending an Event, you may be able to play a game card for the same Event in a Group outside the stadium.

Please join as many games as you can for a single Event. While prizes differ among the Groups, it still increases your odds of winning.

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- Selecting a Location -

If you are in a stadium or arena, you can play in the local game of the sporting event you are attending, confirm the local selection and continue on with the selection process. If you are in an arena, but would like other locations choose the EVENT button to enter the general selection process.

Usually after you select a sporting event, the process will require you to choose a location. Again, our website must have access to your device's location information.

If you choose local from this setting and we cannot determine you are in the arena or stadium, you can enter information off the Event ticket. In this way, you can get your game card without attending the Event or prior to attending the Event. Please have your Event ticket available as information on the ticket will be required. The game software will lead you through the registration process.

A number of locations might appear, but registration will only be allowed when your location matches the Geo Location restrictions of the Group. If you feel there has been an error, please contact us so we can get you access to games in the future.

National is the largest games with the most entrants.

Regional is limited to players in specific locations.

Organized pools require a pass code you will need from the game organizer.

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- Winning Patterns -

There are six Winning Patterns each game card enters in a free game. See Group details for variations, particular of the Line pattern, but also some unique points about the Blackout pattern. The six Winning Patterns are as follows:
Line (L)
Diagonal (D)
Postage (P)
‘X’ or Small Box (X)
Half Blackout (H)
Blackout (B)

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Line (L) may be the vertical lines, horizontal lines or a combination of both. There may be one to ten possible winning combinations. See Group Rules for details. Click link to see the patterns: Lines

Diagonal (D) is five matches in a line from either the bottom left square to the top right square or in a line from the top left square to the bottom right square. There are two possible winning combinations. Click link to see the patterns: Diagonals

Postage (P) joins the Line (L) as the only patterns not requiring the middle square. This unique Winning Pattern requires two of the three available patterns be Marked on the same card. The three available patterns are: matches in all four corners, four matches making a small box in the upper left, or four matches making a small box in the lower right. Two of the combinations require seven squares and one requires eight squares. There are three possible winning combinations. Click the link to see winning patterns: Postage

‘X’ (X) or Small Box are two patterns each requiring nine matches. An ‘X’ is both of the completed diagonals – top left to bottom right and bottom left to top right. A Small Box is the middle square of the game card and every square surrounding the middle square. There are two possible winning combinations. Click the link to see these patterns: ‘X’ and Small Box

Half Blackout (H) can come eight possible ways. However, they all require fifteen matches. Click the link to see the patterns: Half Blackouts

Blackout (B) is the entire game card, every single square, has a match. This is a rare result and a rare reward if your card can make this pattern. Also, you have won every other Pattern as well.

Window (W) is part of the Blackout pattern. Depending on Group Rules, a Window may win a Blackout prize, if there is no Blackout. Sometimes there is a consolation prize, if there is a Blackout and sometimes there is no prize for a Window. See Group Rules for more details.

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If you did not see the game or were unable to attend it despite having tickets, your game cards may still have won. You can login to your account on our website to see if your game cards won. You may need to enter the validation code in order to collect your prize, so have your game card up on your device and follow the prompts of the programming. The important part is the Validation Code.

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Please keep your Validation Codes secret unless you go to the app or online and link your game cards to your account. Going to the app or website, without logging on, Validation Codes can be entered to see if any game card is a winner.

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