Rules of Play


Subject Square – the only square, in play, on each Game Card currently awaiting a random Defined Result from the Event.

Defined Results – the only possible results delivered by the Key Element of an Event Type.  For the correlation to the on-field action of an Event Type, click here.

Event – this is a single sporting contest delivering Defined Results to the Game Cards in a Game of Carrejoue.

Event Type – this is the sport classification such as baseball, basketball, soccer, etc.

Factors – this is the number of possible Defined Results being delivered by the Event to the Game Cards. It varies by Group.

Game – this is an instance of Carrejoue, the Group and its Game Cards are tied to an Event delivering random Defined Results.

Game Cards – these are the players' entries into a Game. Each is comprised of 25 pre-populated Defined Results situated to form five rows and five columns.

Groups – these establish different Games tied to the same Event. They are created by legal jurisdictions, physical locations, provider requirements and other circumstances classifying various players together.

Key Element – this is the recurring on-field action of an Event Type or Event generating the random Defined Results delivered to a Game of Carrejoue.

Match – this occurs when the Key Element of an Event delivers the same Defined Result that is pre-populated in the Subject Square of a Game Card.

Special Result – this is a subset of the Defined Results and may provide a bonus prize or payout under certain circumstances. Square Play, i.e. Free Play, games do not use Special Results.

Winning Pattern – these are pre-determined patterns of Matches set forth prior to the start of the Event.

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  1. One free Game Card per Event is available to any person within the geographic boundaries of a Group and of the legal age as required by law, usually 18 years of age or older. A ticket purchase to an Event is considered attendance within the stadium whether the purchaser can physically attend or not. See Group Rules for more details.

  2. Additional Game Cards may be obtained at the sole discretion of KiBu Gaming Corporation, its affiliates and partners, as agreed, for certain qualifying events. No purchase is necessary.

  3. Game Cards must be obtained prior to the start of the Event. Game Cards attached to an Event ticket purchased prior to the Event start is a valid Game Card.

  4. Game Cards usually are not awarded to Event tickets purchased after the Event start. See Group Rules for exceptions.

  5. Each free Game Card usually plays in six different Prize Pools, each pool defined by a separate Winning Pattern. See Group Rules, if different rules apply.

  6. All Game Cards for an Event are on the same Subject Square.

  7. At the start of the Event, the Subject Square is the upper leftmost square of the Game Cards.

  8. The pre-populated Defined Result of the Subject Square is the only possible Match to the next Defined Result delivered by the Key Element of the Event.

  9. The Key Element of the Event delivers Defined Results for creating a Match on the Game Cards.

  10. Once the Key Element of the Event delivers a Defined Result as a possible Match to the Game Cards, the Subject Square advances, making the next square of the Game Cards available for a match.

  11. The Subject Square advances from left to right and top to bottom, except after the 25th square on a 5x5 game card.

  12. On a 5x5 game card, once a Defined Result is delivered to the lower rightmost square, the 25th square, the next Subject Square again becomes the upper leftmost square.

  13. The squares of Game Cards often receive multiple Defined Results from the Key Element during an Event. No significance is made between matching the first Defined Result delivered or the last Defined Result delivered.

  14. Once a Match is created on a Game Card it will remain a Match throughout the Event.

  15. The Game continues receiving random Defined Results from the Key Element of the Event until the Event is over.

  16. Any Game Card exhibiting a valid Winning Pattern for the Group and Event entered wins the Prize offered as shown in the Group Rules.

  17. If a Prize is not claimed within the redemption date as shown on the coupon or the Group Rules website, the Prize is forfeited or no longer valid.

  18. Play is prohibited to the owners, employees and the immediate families, thereof, in KiBu Gaming Corporation and its affiliates, except Groups created by KiBu Gaming Corporation or its affiliates, specifically for the employees or families thereof. For a complete list of all restricted affiliates please click here.

  19. All the decisions of the company's management are final. All Defined Results by our professionals are considered final regarding Carrejoue. Performed on a uniform, objective basis, our Event Type tables, click here, form the basis of the Defined Results.

    1. Our scorers watch the Event and the Defined Results are strongly connected to the rules of play of the Event.
    2. The referee, judge and umpire rulings offer explanation of the rules of play of the Event and the on-field action, but are not authoritative. The offical explanations and decisions may not be timely enough for a Game of Carrejoue, in particular instant replay decisions.
    3. Our game callers will also use the official scoring in making their decisions, but official scorers are given wide latitude to change their scoring beyond the timeliness required in a Game of Carrejoue. League changes to an offical scorers position do occur occasionally even after an Event has concluded.
  20. The nature of the Events can lead to decisions we would have made differently if we were presented more time or better views of the on-field action.

    1. Challenged plays, initiating an instant replay ruling in the Event, must be immediate. Basketball often overturns scoring sometimes several minutes later.
    2. Defined Results will be entered to reflect the Event decision of an immediately challenged play.
    3. Official scoring will be considered, but not determinative. Official scorers often change their results several plays later.
    4. Defined Results entered will be final after a Defined Result has been entered in the following square.
  21. The fundamental design of the game is as follows:

    A Sporting Event (contains)
    a Key Element (returns)
    a random Defined Result (compares to)
    a Game Card pre-populated Defined Result.
    A comparative Match creates
    a Mark and
    a pre-defined order of Marks create
    a Winning Pattern.

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Locations are subject to geographic restrictions. Carrejoue Games are classified into four different locations – National, Regional, Local and Organized. Each Provider may have Groups able to participate in multiple location pools. Each creating a different prize pool. So the National location is in a different Line (L) pool than a Local location. An organized location is playing for different Blackout (B) prizes than a National location. Locations are separateed by Federal and State legalities, physical location, Provider requirements and other factors classifying players into separate games.


The National locations are the largest pools and may have players entered from an entire state or country.

The player and our company are subject to International, National, Regional and Local government regulations.


A Regional location is geo-fenced, for example, by a state within the United States, a Providence within Canada, a city within a state or country or a Country within the European Union. A Regional location is smaller than a National location.

Several states in the United States and countries in the European Union restrict their visitors and citizens to games within the state or countries geographical boundaries similar to a state lottery. For example, an Arizona Sports Game may only be entered by citizens and visitors who were physically in the United States state of Arizona when they obtained their Game Card.

This arrangement is one reason why Groups exist.


A Local location is geo-fenced by actual attendance at a stadium, field or arena, or sometimes by participation into a team’s website or purchase of an Event ticket. A participant can only play if they are in attendance, purchased an Event ticket to attend and/or entered onto a particular team’s website.

A Local group may or may not be for the benefit of a team’s charitable organization. In the cases when it benefits the charitable organization, you are helping your favorite team in its community outreach.


An Organized location can only be participated in by invitation or obtainging Game Cards at certain locations. Each participant must be a registered user of our website, however it does not mean each participant must have money on account with us.

Organized locations are created by a group of friends, companies, sports bars, etc. They are restricted by us based on various international, national and regional laws. See Group Rules for rules specific to a Group.

Group creators should plan ahead and realize sometimes it takes a while to create group parameters allowing the maximum desired participation, while complying with all International, National, Regional and Local laws.

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1. Prize pools are established in Groups offering free Game Cards. Generally only one Game Card per player is allowed. Certain other restrictions may be set by the Group in order to obtain additional Game Cards. See the Group Rules to see specific Group Rules and Prizes awarded for the various Winning Patterns.

2. Payout pools are created based on Amounts Wagered less a managment fee. The amount wagered on a Game Card is determined by the Base Price, Multiplier and Winning Patterns played. Also, a player may purchase several Game Cards.

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All decisions by our management and the Defined Results of an Event are final. The decisions of our company and the management of Carrejoue are final. If our scoring does not match the scoring of the official score keepers, our scoring is the final authority with regard to Carrejoue. While mistakes happen, they are very rare. Official scorers sometimes change their decisions too.

Our scoring is done by personnel trained in the game of Carrejoue and the Defined Results that affect the game occurring from the Key Element of the live sporting Event. Our company uses direct feeds of the live sporting Event available to the host of viewers accommodated by the media. In addition, our company is tethered into the official score keeping site of the live sporting Event.

Our personnel are instructed to wait until the Event officials have made their final decision before entering results into our game system. Despite the training, and sometimes due to the nature of the live sporting Event, mistakes are made. Again they are rare and all decisions, mistakes or not, of our company, its management and the management of Carrejoue, the scorekeeping and the results of Carrejoue is final.

The Game continues until the conclusion of the live sporting Event.

Event postponemnet or official shortened event is at the discretion of the governing body of the sport. If postponement of the Event does not allow the governing body to declare the Event official by the next day following the start time, all game cards obtained will be null and void, no prizes won and no winners declared, game card purchases will be refunded. If such postponement allows the governing body to declare the Event official by the next day following the start time, then the Games will be considered official one hour later. If a shortened event is declared official by the governing body of the sport, the Games will be considered official one hour later.

Event cancellation is at the discretion of the governing body of the sport. If an Event is cancelled or Games are cancelled for any reason, at the sole discretion of KiBu Gaming Corporation, all Game Cards obtained will be null and void, no prizes won and no winners declared, Game Card purchases will be refunded.

The Event returns a result based on the Key Element. If the result matches the pre-populated Defined Result of the Subject Square of your Game Card, then you get a Mark towards all Winning Patterns. Regardless if you receive a Mark on your Game Card or not, the Game continues to the next square, now designated the Subject Square.

Once the designated Subject Square receives a Defined Result, the previous Defined Result delivered to the preceding square is considered final.

During the Event, several squares will receive multiple Defined Results from the Key Element of the Event. This is by design and is part of the Game. If you have a square that is already Marked, then no need to worry. Once a square is Marked it remains Marked throughout the rest of the Game. Also, as strategy, when a square is receiving another Defined Result, you want it to match the result in your square, of course, but the next best Defined Result would be to duplicate a prior Defined Result. If a result duplicates a prior result, then no Game Cards will receive additional Marks.

Marks are of course the name of the Game since they are the building blocks to Winning Patterns. The more Marks your card receives the more likely you are to win a Prize.

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